Jeff Burnz

Jeff Burnz
  • Mr. Jeff Burnz
  • Sweden
  • Position: Themer

Drupal 8 Design Initiative owner - objective is to design and build a new core theme for Drupal 8 and establish a collaborative work space for designers, UXer's and Drupal developers to collaborate on Drupals design requirements.

Contributed heavily to Drupal 7 working mostly on accessibility, RTL and other theme layer improvements (I have worked on every core theme in Drupal 7) - including contextual links, Garland, Seven, core templates and CSS, Bartik, Corolla (candidate), OpenID, search module and other stuff I can't remember. One of the top 30 contributors to Drupal 7 core.
Current maintainer of the Seven theme for Drupal 7 (D7's administration theme) and a co-maintainer of Bartik (D7's default theme).
Jeff Burnz has been building Drupal themes for around 5 years and have contributed many Drupal themes (see below). Overall he’s been in the web development business for around 12 years.